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Obama Weed Now Free on Obamacare

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - President Obama has used an executive order to ensure Obamacare enrollees can roll up a nice incentive when they sign up.

Stoner president, Barack ‘ganja’ Obama has put one of his executive orders to good use and made weed free with every Obamacare sign up.

“You know I wanted to bring back a lil of my days growing up in Hawaii. I was so high with the shroom crew sometimes that they would say come down man, you’re flying too high. I wanted to get higher. That’s why I’m president right now and those guys are still stoner losers. Here’s to Obamacare, now roll a fat one for me and y’all can thank uncle Barry for a good smoke.”

To increase enrolment on the Obamacare health system, every person that signs up will get a joint shipped over from Colorado and if you get the Gold insurance you get four joints and a bong.

On hearing about the new promotion, millions more attempted to sign up to Obamacare crashing the website for the ten thousandth time this month.

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