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PM Challenged to Set Out the Facts on EU Immigration

LONDON - England - In a letter to the Prime Minister, Michael Gove, Boris Johnson and Gisela Stuart have asked the Prime Minister to confirm that if people choose to vote 'In', that they are voting for unlimited EU immigration permanently.

Boris Johnson: The Liberal Cosmopolitan Case to Vote Leave

LONDON - England - Vote Leave's Boris Johnson made an impassioned speech today completely eviscerating the remain camp with a logical well thought out delivery on why Britain should leave the EU.

Enter Boris to Save Britain From the Dogs

LONDON - England - Never has Britain faced such treachery and blistering forces of war in its thousand year history, and so Boris Johnson has entered into the fight to save the country and its indomitable sovereignty.

EU Referendum: Boris Could Turn to the Dark Side

LONDON - England - Boris Johnson looks set to be offered a job in the Cabinet as David Cameron attempts to buy his loyalty ahead of the European Union referendum.

London Mayor Boris Johnson Invites Toronto Mayor Over to Advise on...

LONDON - England - Mayor Boris Johnson has invited the Canadian Mayor, Rob Ford to come and deal with London's massive crack cocaine problem blighting the inner city.

Boris Johnson Telephones Darius Guppy Again

LONDON - England - After that fateful interview with the BBC's Eddie Mair on Sunday, it has been reported that Boris Johnson was immediately on the phone to his trusty pal, Darius Guppy.

Labour Sends BBC Rottweiler After Boris

LONDON - England - The BBC's resident rottweiler Eddie Mair took a few chunks out of Boris Johnson's leg yesterday. The thing is who set up the grotesque show of ad hominem attacks on the London Mayor? Was it Labour or Cameron?

Boris Johnson Buys Pair Flip Flops For Holiday

LONDON - England - The errant Mayor of London is certainly a likeable fellow, but he has recently taken to buying flip flops for his holiday in some EU sinkhole, and denied his interest in an in/out EU referendum.

£1 million Earner Paxman to Join Marxist Commune

GRIMSDALE - England - Jeremy Paxman, presenter of the BBC's Newsnight, has vowed to join a Marxist commune in the country to prove his devout communist ant-capitalist credentials to the world.

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