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The Exploding Optimistic Whirlwind of Boris Johnson

LONDON - England - New PM Boris Johnson bursts onto the parliamentary floor for his first session with an optimistic voracity that brings shame to his predecessor.


What a contrast! From the morose grey negativity of Theresa May and Philip ‘Haw Haw’ Hammond, bursts the next PM, Boris Johnson who positively jumped out onto the House of Commons stage like a seasoned orator on a mission from the Gods for his first session in parliament.

The fantastic positive optimism infused around the Commons, saturating the chamber with a wonderful sense of oratory and solid put-downs of the doom-gloom merchants assembled across the benches sneering and caterwauling.

Corbyn tried valiantly to put Boris down but was firmly put in his place to huge applause from the assembled MPs. The life-long Eurosceptic suddenly revealing he is now a remainer brought on some serious rebukes from the PM.

It is unfortunate that the Tory quislings who want to frustrate the democratic vote of the people are still plotting to frustrate Britain leaving the EU.

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