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Friday, May 20, 2022
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Bloodbath at PMQs Over Partygate and Cakegate

LONDON - England - Monday's PMQs over the ongoing saga of Partygate saw another bloodbath, as multiple MPs jostled to knife the PM.

Boris Bangs Opposition Totty in Chambers

LONDON - England - PMQs between the Tories and Labour were certainly a flirtatious affair as Boris battled it out with Angela Rayner.

The Exploding Optimistic Whirlwind of Boris Johnson

LONDON - England - New PM Boris Johnson bursts onto the parliamentary floor for his first session with an optimistic voracity that brings shame to his predecessor.

PMQs: Maggie’s Back With a Vengeance

LONDON - England - PM Theresa May's first PMQs got off to a wonderful start as she gave Jeremy Corbyn a good solid kicking whilst channelling the spirit of Thatcher.

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