Suddenly Golf Isn’t So Boring After All

DUBAI - UAE - Wow golf has never been so exciting and finally we have a new player who is bringing new things to the otherwise boring game.

This year’s Omega Dubai Ladies Masters featured a female Instagram golfer that brought many to attention.

Her name is Paige Spiranac, a 22-year-old who’s bringing golf to people who never even thought about it before.

“I watched her lining up the hole and she putts with a perfect rap. Her pre-shot routine was entirely entertaining, as she bent over here, looked over there, bent down a little more,” an excited man amongst the audience revealed.

Unfortunately, a double-bogey or three undid this beauty as she trailed at the bottom of the field, but still there’s next year.

Sprinac has a long way to go until she gets to the level of Cristie Kerr and her trophy, but practice makes perfect as they say.

Cristie Kerr