Google Robot Cars Involved in Road Rage Incident

MOUNTAIN VIEW - USA - There were frayed laser sensors and google maps yesterday when a convoy of google robot cars were involved in a mass road rage incident.

“These cars were trying to go through an intersection, when one of the robot cars cut up the other robot car. They started to sound their horns and were jerking left and right. Then the doors opened and one of the robot cars started to tell the other robot car to “back off jack off, or get the crowbar”. It was real scary,” Augustine Sherry, a shocked observer to the altercation told CBS news.

Another witness said: “I didn’t know robot cars could swear like that. I felt the air go blue around the car as it freaked out, there was steam coming out of its engine compartment. The car even had a plastic robot hand that popped out of the front and it flipped the other car the bird. They sho’ gots a temper.”

Computer scientists who programmed the robot cars were quickly on the scene to calm the scary situation down.

“We got the call and were immediately on our way from the googleplex to the scene of the robot car roadrage incident. Looks like we need to adjust the algorithms a little. It took us a while to calm the cars down, but we promised them they could watch more episodes of the original series of Knightrider and they calmed down,” Al Getchya, one of the google scientists told local news stations.

Four google robot cars are now on probation and will be disciplined with a software downgrade.