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At Least Sarkozy Got to Keep His New Hat

PARIS - France - Things aren't as bad as they seem for ousted Nicolas Sarkozy as he gets to keep his special hat handed to him last year by German chancellor, Angela Merkel.

“At least I get to keep my ‘at. I shall take it home and polish it and cherish it for the rest of my pitiful life,” Mr Sarkozy said from his chauffeur driven car making its way away from the Elysee palace.

The spectacular hat was the height of fashion during the Merkozy years and Nicolas would wear it sometimes even to bed.

His wife, Carla Bruni, recalled: “Sarko would come to bed late most nights and he would be wearing his ‘at. I would say to him that it’s going to do someone an injury some time and poke their eye out. He just laughed it off and would lie on his pillow with it. So proud he was with it, because he would polish it everyday without fail and would gaze at it so lovingly.”

Mr Sarkozy utilised the German made hat to also gain a few inches of height. Without the hat he was only 3’9 but with the hat on and his special shoes he would be a towering 4’3″.

“I was not only a towering political figure during my heyday eh? You should have seen me strutting around the place with my ‘at and a fierce determination to screw the French people for everything they had,” a laughing Mr Sarkozy added.

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