Economic Crisis, Riots, Unrest – Welcome to the Next Thirty Years

LONDON - England - The crisis perpetuated by Greece's EU debacle is symptomatic of a much wider problem infecting the whole global economy.

The institute has revealed a damning report detailing some horrific plans for the future involving deep economic crisis and civil unrest.

“The populations that survive the coming anarchy and destruction will be very few and to their honour they will be rewarded by the elite scientific experts for their Darwinian sturdiness,” Keith Wallace, a key researcher and expert at the Institute of Population Control in Hampstead, London, wrote in the most recent research paper.


Excerpts from the report say: “The human race, according to the United Nations has reached its 7 billionth person, and threatens to double in 15 years. This is a profound threat to life on this planet, and this is why it is imperative that the population increase is thwarted as the planet’s resources cannot sustain such locust-like numbers. China, India, Africa and South America, where the poor breed with such gusto are the main culprits to the destruction of the earth. To avert a Malthusian nightmare, and introduce a new scientific world order where religious myths and fairy tales and nationalism are punishable by death, there may have to be a major world war or complete global civil unrest. There are many ways the controllers can whittle down the populations; through pandemics, war and riots. It may be necessary to combine many elements.

“We are gearing up to a final denouement on this wasteful consumerist civilization. The post-consumerist age will adhere to strict scientific principals led by experts, who will build a controlled population from the embers of the wasteland remaining. It sounds like a nightmare situation to anyone who reads this now, but the elite controllers have planned this for many centuries and there is no peaceful way of bringing in the next system without the complete nihilistic destruction of the previous incarnation.They created a system which is sadly defunct and not manageable anymore.

“The world government has come about because the current rulers have become too soft and leave all important decisions to be implemented and designed by experts. They have thus allowed their powers to be usurped by the less lordly experts who will form the next world government.” the report cited.

According to the research institute, the coming society of experts will embrace all eminent men of science and will possess the most “devastating arsenal of weapons known to man.” There will, therefore, be no more war, since opposition to the unscientific would be doomed to immediate failure.

The society of experts will control all propaganda and education and will teach loyalty to the world eco government, making nationalism high treason.

The world government, being an oligarchy, will instil submissiveness into the majority of the population, only leaving initiative, and habit of command to its members.

Population controls will be heavily regulated by the scientific government and the breeding programs will be able to create workers as well as those of the governing class.

Education of the workers will be conducted in a scientific manner engendering a sense docility, industriousness, punctuality, thoughtlessness and contented manner to the ordinary men and women. New technology will probably involve microchipping of the workers at birth or later on, and will ensure that they adhere to the new societies rules. They will be trained mostly outdoors and limited in their education with very little study. Initiative will be discouraged in these children, and insubordination will be scientifically trained out of them.

The manual workers will be fairly happy. The rulers will be successful in making the manual workers foolish and frivolous; work will not be too severe, and there will be endless amusements of a trivial sort. Owing to sterilization, love affairs need not have awkward consequences so long as they are not between a man and woman who are both of them unsterilized. In this way a life of easygoing and frivolous pleasure may be provided for the manual workers, combined of course with a superstitious reverence for the governors instilled in childhood and prolonged by the propaganda to which adults will be exposed.

The governing classes, on the other hand, will be educated to the highest standards utilising state of the art equipment and technology. Their genetic makeup will be altogether different than the ordinary workers as they will have superlative strength of character, intelligence and hold elements of the highest possible ability.

By the use of eugenics, sterilization, nanotechnology and genetic engineering, the world government will create a flawless society of governors and workers and thus enable the scientific dictatorship to flourish.

Politicians today of all parties realise that the populations are becoming harder to control. This is because many are slowly waking up and becoming more aware of how they are being controlled. This form of awareness is supremely dangerous to governments, and in the past, the people could be fooled easily, now, through the internet — not so easily.

As this form of civilization winds down, one must take into account that the coming overt world government will not be constrained by the fake democracy we have now, they will revel in their adoption of a complete all encompassing scientific dictatorship.