Michelle Obama Fashion Rocks The Dome Nightclub

WASHINGTON DC - USA - First Lady, Michelle Obama with her president husband in tow, has been seen rocking the Dome nightclub in downtown Washington.

The Dome nightclub was rocked on Tuesday night with a post-presidential speech party on Capital Hill.

“It was time for the Obama’s to relax and let loose. These have been tense times and they may be the coolest couple in the world but everybody needs some down time once in awhile,” senior aide to the Obama’s Jeffrey Katzen told the Fox News Network’s O’Reilly Factor.

Downtown Washington DC can get a bit scary sometimes, especially at night time when all the ‘wildlife’ come out.

The manager of The Dome, Herb Willis, was not warned of the presidential visit and only learned of it when a troupe of secret servicemen cleared away the pimps and prostitutes from the front entrance.

“I was just counting up the nights takings when slap my face with my aunt Jemima, I was informed by one of my chickens that we got some serious company. We don’t usually get anyone here apart from hoes and johns maybe a few dealers. Hell, I nearly shit my pants when I saw Obama and Michelle walk through the door and jump on the stage. Michelle was dressed to the nines and she got her booty out, I saw every guy drop their jaws on the floor. Obama looked on from the side and was lapping it up too.”

The Obama’s cleared the dancefloor and ordered the nightclub owner to give everyone whatever they wanted at the bar. Soon word got round the local neighborhood and there was a sudden rush at the door but many were not allowed entry.


Michelle wears a pair of $49.99 jeans from
BootyCall and a $12.75 G-string from Wash Krew

The surprise visit by the Obama’s went down well with the regulars who soon crowded around the dance floor as the DJ pumped some serious bass through the club’s speaker system.

“Baby got back! Michelle even posed for photos when she got her booty out for the boys. Barack was seen doing some serious moves on the dancefloor too, he had about twenty women around him adoring every move he made. It was something I never seen before,” Leroy Robinson, a regular at the Dome told Washington Week magazine.

Michelle posing with senior White House advisor Jonelle Shaquilla

According to nightclub revellers the party wound down by about 4 am when the Obama entourage left the club leaving a huge tip for its owner.

“We’ll never forget this visit. I been trying to get people to come to my club for years. Obama sure did his bit for the recession tonight. Whoosh! It was the best thing that ever happened to my place. Now I can afford to get a fire exit installed and a new lapdancing stage. We got all the photographs to prove what happened and even Ebony magazine sent a reporter here to talk to me. God bless our president and his hot booty wife,” Mr Willis added.


    STFU Fool! You say the prez and his gal cant hav sum downtime. Nigga betta bleve it. They doin da time in da office so deyz gonna do sum time lettin' loose. My guess u white. Bitch u need to get a liffe. relax hav a cream soda asshoe!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    If these photos are real and hit the international wires it could turn out to be bigger gaffe than Biden could EVER utter! I am NOT an "old fogey", – I enjoy the ladies "struttin' their stuff" as much as any man! But for the wife of the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES to go acting like some Hollywood bimbo – WITH THE PRESIDENT IN ATTENDANCE!
    Again, IF these photos are real I'd say the reputation of the United states and the First Family has taken a HUGE hit! America and the International community expect a bit more decorum from the leader of the most powerful nation on earth!
    Well, you talk about "misdirection"? If she's onstage when the president is giving a speech – the audience will be preoccupied remembering these pictures to hear a WORD he's saying!
    Talk about schmoozing the Muslims – FAIL! They've been known to stone a woman to death for just showing her face in public! He’s already POed the Christian community with his Birth Control edict and he’s sure not helped that reputation with these pics, either.

  • boss_reddz

    She's the baddest chick of all time she rocks !!!!!!!

  • Joy

    I am a skeptic when it comes to photos, so I cannot believe what I saw in those pictures. No pictures of the 72 adoring virgins……ooops…sorry….20 adoring fans surrounding the "president" ??? I just do not believe that this happened…..!!! I guess I am too American to see the imposters in the White House doing that…….!!! Tell me I am right ! ! ! !

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    omg she looks like a hot ghetto mess!! LMFAO

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  • Stephen Ma , Arley Lewis , Sims Hulings , Seth Roman , WLundregan

    The Dome has gone upscale since we left school

    The Brits are a little less PC than we are.

  • eddie j

    dang that is one hell of a stimulus package right there!!!!!!!!!!!