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Americans Wanted Obama’s Change – How About Short Change?

WASHINGTON DC - USA - They wanted Change. Well, they got short change. New president, Barack Obama drops $1.75 Trillion within the first month of entering office. Now that's what we call a budget with bling.

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There was a distinct smell of jenkem in the air as Barack Obama unveiled the $3.55 trillion budget on Thursday.

“We’re definitely dealing with a different animal here. The boy just dropped $1.75 trillion in his first month as president and increased taxes by $1 trillion. Is that black enough for all of you who wanted Change.? It’s like it’s Christmas, New Year and his Birthday all on one freakin’ day for this guy!” Republican Senator for Omaha, Herb McClancy was quoted as saying on the O’Hanitty Factor.

Americans wanted change, well, looks like they got short-changed in a big way.

“Obama just saddled everyone in America with $25,000 of debt each. That’s not counting all the other shit we got to pay for,” another Republican moaned.

Despite all of this debt being ‘Bush’s fault’ it seems Obama is “treating the economy like a mechanic treats a beat up old van on Pimp My Ride. He’s sticking jacuzzis in the back, a 30 band equaliser and about 10 plasma screens all over the place when he ain’t got the dough to do anything to the beat up ol’ wreck in the first place,” another enraged Republican who was seen fuming after the speech was quoted as saying.

Americans who pride themselves on their low cost of living are certainly going to come into a major shock when Obama’s plans bring on ‘European prices’ for everything they purchase daily.

How do all the millions of zombified lemmings who voted for Obama feel now?

“Thanks to Obama we are going to be paying European prices for everything from now on. Why should I have to prop up some asshole who took out a 110% mortgage and can’t pay it. This place is going to turn out like socialist countries like Britain and Sweden where everyone has to pay for the poor people to live in the lap of luxury in their paid welfare houses, holidays, healthcare and benefits. If you ask me it’s a crock of shit!” Morgan Fredricks, a former Obama supporter told ABC news.

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