The Internet: Before and After ‘Right to be Forgotten’

SEKTOR 001 - EU - The new EU diktat called 'Right to be Forgotten' is a great way of erasing history within the digital era.

The internet as we once knew it has come and gone, as the big thumping fist of the state utilises nefarious techniques of censorship to eradicate history and knowledge in the digital era.

“Ve shall not call it ze internet anymore. Ve shall call it ze EUnet, a sinister Stasi controlled place where free speech is clamped down upon, and history is re-written to suit our purposes and political ideologies. You vill do as you say and you vill only be given information zat ve control. Danke for listening you snivelling prole scheisters,” Kommissar Jurgen Brigand, of the EU Internet Kontrol Commissariat revealed on another EU broadcast today.