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England Wins Magaluf World Cup

MAGALUF - Spain - The England team have won the world cup this year, not in Brazil though.

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The England team did not fare well in the Brazilian World Cup this year but never mind we’ve been rocking up a storm in Spanish toilet bowl Magaluf, a place where Brits descend every year to desecrate.

“It’s great, we had one lass she blew the whole team, and one lad did a Suarez on the beach. It’s fookin’ great here man, we are really scoring some serious own goals,” Lee Shanker, from Essex told the Sun.

Another Magaluf reveller said: “Eng -er-land! Bleeeeurgh! (wretching violently as he projectile vomits onto a Spanish policeman) Eeeen-gerl-and!”

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