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Experts: Why Celebrity Fashionistas are all Dropping Off

GENEVA - Switzerland - Peaches Geldof and L'Wren Scott are two recent victims of the fashion celebrity circuit, and even though they are rather notable in relation to who they associated with or which family they were born into, they are just another example of brainwashing of women in the fashion industry.

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Experts in societal eugenics are not as intrigued as the common lay person on the phenomenon sweeping the fashion celebrity circuit at the moment, but have gone out of their way to analyse the data anyway because they were bored.

“Naturally there is surprise and confusion when someone in the fashion world dies early, but our analysis of the fashion world has revealed important data points which remove all elements of surprise. You see the fashion world is controlled by homosexuals, and their hatred of the female form creates models who do not look like females any more. To participate in this farcical theatre of hatred against the female form, the females participating in the fashion shows must hate themselves as well. During the unholy ceremony of misogyny performed by the fashion controllers, women are trained from young ages to starve themselves so they can look like young boys, therefore they can be pleasing to their fashion designer masters. Naturally, there will be casualties as many women succumb to the diet of vegetable juice, heroin and cocaine. Their hearts give away, but all is not lost as there are many other brainwashed self-hating women who are willing to bow at the altar of fashion death. Vanity, starvation, and narcissism are key to the fashion world and these tenets must be adhered to at all costs.There is no room for real women in the fashion industry or true celebration of the feminine form pleasing to real men.

“Mick Jagger’s bit on the side, and Peaches Geldof’s heroin lust are two examples of the most recent celebrity fashionista offerings to the altar of fashion death. They died for their fashion, and this is commended by the industry, but they will be forgotten as others take their place in the fickle, soulless, banal, plastic, positively evil fashion industry.”

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