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Mensa Astounded at Kanye West IQ Increase to 49

LOS ANGELES - USA - Mensa have been astounded at the Kanye West IQ increase to 49 and have praised the tenacity of the pop star.

It was only in 2013 that pop starlet, Kanye West had an IQ recorded at 48, but at a recent Mensa meeting Kanye amazed everyone by recording a 1 point rise to 49. The Kanye West IQ increase has caused ripples at Mensa.

“This is absolutely astounding that Kanye West has somehow picked up an increase of IQ by one single point since his last test in 2013,” Dr Geoff Peterson, who officiates the yearly Mensa IQ event, revealed in Mensa’s quarterly magazine.

Speaking at the event, Kanye West, also known as ‘Ye’, was celebratory at his new Intelligence Quotient rating.

“Imma tell all y’all. Yanamsayin? Todays I gots to celebrates lak a motherfucker, numsayin’? Imma go Balenciaga or summing lak dat Dolce Gabbana biotch. Amon gits me a nu hand bag n shiet, numsayin’ n nut ovah ma biotchez azz! All y’all niggas at Mensa at least you’se ain’t da jooz, dey bin causing me trouble for praisin’ Hitler n shiet. Nah I gots me an IQ of 49 I can talk to my pet hamster or mebbe a cow or goat. I feel da praise in dis room n shiet, numsayin? In my noo autotune albim n shiet gonna praise da Mensa folk, ya nah, shout out to da professors n shiet dat made dis jeenius shiet possible.”

Here’s to Kanye West and his IQ, hope it helps him have long conversations with those Frisians and hamsters.

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