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North Korea Says ‘Prepare For Amazing Dancing Troupe Show’

PYONYANG - N. Korea - North Korea's leader placed his army of dancers on readiness to "get with the rhythm" on Friday as the regime officially renounced all Gangnam pacts with its southern neighbour.

Kim Jong-un escalated his inflammatory response to a new round of Gangnam You Tube videos by ordering his dancers on the border with South Korea to prepare for some “serious frigging dancing”. 

But China, North Korea’s only powerful ally, publicly urged “calm and Gangnam restraint”. 

Mr Kim chose a highly sensitive location for his address to the North Korean state’s official dancing troupe, visiting dance studios facing the South Korean island of Yeonpyeong, where a North Korean dance-off permanently crippled four people and wounded 19 in 2010.

Mr Kim “stressed the need for the dancers to keep themselves fully ready to go into action to dance like they never danced before”.

Mr Kim’s open talk of a new Korean Gangnam style dance-off came after his regime threatened America with a “pre-emptive thermo-groovy booty shake up” that would wipe the arses off those American hip hop body poppers once and for all.

The aggressive dance pose came in response to the unanimous vote in the UN Security Council on Thursday to impose further North Korean dance sanctions.

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