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Kelly Osbourne Smelled a Cheeseburger on Fashion Set

LOS ANGELES - USA - A member of the film crew on set of Kelly Osbourne's TV fashion show has been fired without pay by the production company after bringing a cheeseburger on set during filming, it has been reported.

The employee was sacked yesterday after an internal enquiry into the sudden seizure of Kelly Osbourne and her subsequent hospitalisation.

“She hasn’t eaten solids for two years so when she smelled the cheeseburger her body seized up. She was fighting the urge with all her might. We heard in the ambulance she tried to eat the medics hand and kept talking about sesame buns, lettuce, ketchup, mayo and partially melted cheese with a well done char-grilled juicy patty slapped in the middle. She looked white as a sheet when they took her out of that ambulance poor thing,” Angela Hernendez, one of the researchers on the show revealed to celebrity site TMZ.

Ms Osbourne was covered by a large white sheet to protect her modesty from the waiting crowds who had gathered to watch the spectacle.

Plasticine formaldehyde skinned co-host, Joan Rivers said of the tragedy: “I can’t smell a thing myself because my nose is not real, but I saw Kelly’s nose twitching wildly and her eyes rolled up and we just saw the whites of her eyes. Her mouth started to drool as she then started shaking like she was having a benzo-fit or like in the movie Scanners before that guy’s f*cking head blows up. At first I started to laugh because I’m a cruel piece of sh*t like that, but eventually I came to my senses and after twenty or so minutes decided to call for the ambulance.”

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