Obama Voters Will Get Struck By Drones In Their Own Country

WASHINGTON DC - USA - American killer drones which usually indiscriminately kill thousands of people outside the US in the Perpetual War of Terror created by America, will soon be killing their own people as well on American soil, Obama's Attorney General has promised.

The cowardly method of clinically killing people from thousands of feet in the air utilising radio controlled drones will soon come to the people who voted for Obama in the first place.

Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder has vowed to roll out the drones in the United States saying he will not hesitate to kill Americans on their own soil.

“You voted for us you dumb f*cking sheep. So we got a present for all y’all. We gonna kill you with drones from the air. How’s that for a thank you,” Mr Holder said before giggling like a drunk hyena.

Let’s see how the American population feels to live in perpetual fear and terror like the rest of the world being terrorised by American killer drones.