Natwest Still Running on Windows 97

LONDON - England - It was business as usual for Natwest customers yesterday as they could not withdraw any cash because of a major computer malfunction.

“I phoned up my Natwest branch and they said their Windows 97 had crashed and I’d have to go somewhere else for the cash. This is ridiculous,” an irate Natwest customer told the BBC.

According to Natwest’s head of IT, the glitch was noticed when the dreaded ‘blue screen of death’ happened.

“Once you see that you know it’s all over. We’ve been trying for hours to get our system back up and may have to finally upgrade to Windows 98 soon. I wish we had Macs here. This would never have happened with OS X. I don’t know what I’m talking about..Aaargh..Jibber jabber jibber!” one of the Natwest IT boys said from the Bangalore company looking after the servers.