New Gollum Creature Even More Fearsome

AUCKLAND - New Zealand - The latest incarnation of the Gollum creature in the new Hobbit film is so repulsive some audience members have been seen to faint or be sick in cinemas.

“I saw the new Gollum creature and he made me physically sick into my popcorn and nachos,” a distraught cinemagoer said on Friday.

All over the world after the new Hobbit film release, people have been frightened to death by the Gollum in the film.

“He’s way more scary than in the previous films. I took one look at him and I just had one word racing in my mind, Rompuy, Rompuy, Rompuy. I don’t know what that means but it really gave me the heebie jeebies,” another Tolkien fan revealed.