Sally Bercow Now Living in Caravan After Leaving Husband For Gypsy

ESSEX - England - The House of Commons speaker's wife, Sally Bercow has been living on the filthy caravan site for the past two weeks, and she says she is loving her newly found freedom.

Mrs Bercow has thrown away the keys to the Palace of Westminster for her new man Paddy McMahoney’s decrepit caravan.

The doting couple met on the Channel 5 show ‘When Paddy Met Sally’ in June and have since been seeing each other.

“John was a boring midget. I told him to shove that tacky coat of arms up his arse, and as I’m such a fame whore, I knew that his days as House Speaker were numbered, so I moved in with a real man with more fame,” Sally told the Sun.

Paddy McMahoney, who likes to have bare-knuckle fist fights daily in the caravan site, said: “I’ll have a few punch up sessions with the boys in the afternoon, then go to my caravan and give Sally’s box a good boxing workout. I’ve heard her husband wants her back, but if he wants her, let him come over here and fight me for her. Of course, they can film that too.”

  • Karen Hallam

    Give her a break she's doing what she always wanted to do…how many women are stuck in dead end marriages? I was myself and I broke free after many years of boredom. Obviously her ex didn't have much going for him, you only have to look at him to see he's got a tiny one, what woman would want that? Well don Sally your in inspiration to all of us!

  • Jen

    I think this is awful news about Sally what about her kids? People are so selfish these days it's just so sickening. I always thought better of her but not anymore.

  • andy clifford

    Yea she deserves that Gypsy for more satisfaction though…

  • Jimmy 64

    Sally Bercow wanted to 'stick two fingers up to the establishment' by going on Big Brother.

    I'd like to stick two fingers up her establishment.

  • Harold

    I don't blame him I'd do her as well. She's quite a babe.