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Occupy Movement Results in Huge Increases of Tent Sales

NEW YORK - USA - The Occupy movement that has encamped in major cities across the globe has given a huge boost to lagging tent and camping gear sales.

“We’re selling tents like hot cakes. It’s great for the economy, and especially our capitalist system. These kids are supporting the system that they are trying to oppose. I’m happy, because I get to drive an Aston Martin, and they’re happy because they think they are making a difference. Jeez, I was driving in to my office this morning, and I got a case of the giggles, just thinking about the obscene amounts of money I would make in that morning, it’s awesome,” Dick Bonehead, CEO for Coleman tents told CNN.

As the thousands of people camp around cities protesting against capitalism and corporate greed, they are in fact inadvertently supporting the industries they oppose.

“This tent I got for $400, this mask I’m wearing cost $23, plus all the camping gear and my daily food and booze costs a great deal of money, It’s a good thing that my allowance from my parents can pay for everything,” a Wall Street protester told CBS.

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