Sarkozy Shows Off His New Hat

BRUSSELS - Belgium - The French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, showed off his new hat yesterday on the eve of a historic EU treaty.

Mr Sarkozy, has adopted the Pickelhaube helmet and will be wearing it at all times.

“How do you like my new ‘at? Ve vill destroy ze Ros Boeufs for daring not to join our special club. You think you can hide across the Channel? Vell, mes amis, your days are numbered,” Mr Sarkozy said to rapturous applause from the assembled unelected EU technocrats.

Nicolas Sarkozy’s Vichy government is under increasing pressure from Germany to pressurise Britain to join the failing eurozone.

“Ve vant the British to wear the Pickelhaube too. Zey must adopt this or ve vill destroy their economy and financial district sooner or later,” Mr Sarkozy said.