Sunglass Fashion For Women This Summer

LONDON - England - Sunglasses this year are going to be great. Let's check out the latest styles that will be in vogue. Wow.

Looking ahead to the summer months away from the dreary grey winter, we have some great ideas for the enterprising cool women’s sunglass fashion this year.

What’s in and what’s out?

This year there’s going to be a real retro invasion, something from the sixties, the seventies and maybe as back as the fifties, although the thirties and twenties are so back we don’t know if they really had a burgeoning sunglass fashion then but we could always check on Google. As I’m writing this I have not done any research to the subject whatsoever, and basically don’t care.

Without much ado, let’s move on to dark sunglasses. Yes, you can wear dark black sunglasses but it all depends on what your mood is.

Sunglasses with a red or yellow tinge to them. These are good for parties and drinking your favourite coffee outside some Soho coffee shop after work.

Don’t forget sunglasses with the mirror lenses. Yes, they’re naff, and if you’re seen wearing these you deserve to get the shit beaten out of you with a baseball bat.

So, there we go, that’s the review for this year. Fashionistas everywhere wear what is in or just get fuck out.