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Video of Young Russell Brand Dancing Becomes Net Sensation

GRAYS - Essex - A video showing comedian Russell Brand when he was 15-years-old dancing along to a tune on the radio has become an internet sensation.

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Russell is seen dancing along to some crappy R’n’B tune which is very similar to his wife, Katy Perry’s music.

As he girates his body, the fat folds do their own little dance.

“I think it’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in me vacuous life. Russell used to be a right barrel of laughs, plus he looked like one too, innit!” Brand’s wife Katy told MTV on Monday.

Not only is Brand a world renowned Tiddly Winks champ, but he’s also a ‘well proper’ film star in America these days.

“Russell is big in America. He broke the Yanks, something that even Oasis couldn’t do. He’s slimmed down somewhat since his teen years, but one thing hasn’t changed — he’s still a major c*nt!” Bob Geldofal, an old acquaintance from Brand’s first ever presenting job told the Sun newspaper.

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  1. They should put a warning on this vid. My eyes my eyes!!!! Russell Brand you fat bastard get off the screen!!

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