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‘Hardcore Henry’ vs ‘Video Games: The Movie’

HOLLYWOOD - USA - Well it would be kind of unfair to compare the two movies considering that they are in different genres but life is never fair. It is the ability to appreciate that life is not fair that gives us an edge in life.

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Take for example online gambling, the odds greatly favour the house. When you know this you are in a position to adjust your gameplay to put yourself in a better position to take the house. Now that we have justified our comparison let’s get into it.

Hardcore Henry is a video game based action movie that was shot mostly in first person mode. Video Games: The Movie is a full-length documentary on the history of video games. Both movies are almost 100 minutes long. The length is the only thing that they have in common.

Video Games: The Movie is a low budget movie that cost less than US$110,000 to complete. Hardcore Henry cost significantly more to produce. It had a moderate budget of US$2 million. This is because Video Games: The Movie involves a lot of interviews of the who’s who of the video game industry. The entire movie is narrated by Sean Austin. Meanwhile Hardcore Henry has several actors and stunt people. Most of the scenes in the video game based movie involve special effects and special equipment including helicopters.

Video Games: The Movie is a special interest documentary which may be the reason why it only took in US$23,000 at the box office. Hardcore Henry raked in well over US$11 million at the box office.

Both movies have something to offer movie fans. Hardcore Henry gives a unique take on action movies while Video Games: The Movie is one of the most insightful movies on video games in recent memory. Besides these great attributes, it is highly unlikely that online video slot fans will be seeing online casino games based on these movies anytime soon. For online slots, visit casinoaus pokies, one of the number source of information for players of all levels.


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