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There is No Certainty in Remaining in the EU

LONDON - England - There is no certainty under the EU for Britain because of no control, leaving the UK vulnerable to others.

Without control there is no certainty. There can only be certainty to an action if one has control.

If Britain stays in the EU, full control will eventually be ceded to Brussels and the UK would merely become a sector, or principality of the Greater German Empire.

Control is intrinsic in power, in defence and in governance of a nation, but it is also a meter for certainty, to predict through stable variables what lies ahead in any future scenario.

When one hears the Remain campaign talking about the safety of staying in the EU, they are lying, because there is no safety in uncertainty. There is no way these people can know for sure what lies ahead if Britain is lost in the maelstrom of EU control.

They do not know if Britain will be forced to adopt the euro currency a few years down the line, they do not know if Britain will be forced to take on millions more economic migrants, they do not know what laws the unelected eurocrats will suddenly foist on the former UK without prior announcement, because if there is no control, there is no certainty, and Britain would be at the mercy of others, who do not have our best interests at heart.

On the other hand, one can have certainty in ones destiny if there is ultimate control. Power is nothing without control, and if Britain chooses the correct path of Leaving the EU, there will be certainty.

We will know our defence policy, we will know our economic policy, we will know our welfare system, we will know how many people to let in, we will know who to trade with and how, and we will be secure in our abilities to ensure certainty and safety in the future through control.

Under the EU there is no control, there is no certainty and ultimately there is no future for any entity that wishes to exercise individual power.

Yes, of course consider all arguments when it comes to the EU referendum, however, the primary focus of your decision on the day should be one of thinking about a secure, safe, certain future where control is vested in our own hands and not in the hands of others.

Vote Leave on June 23 and Take Back Control, Certainty, Power and Britain’s Future.



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