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OJ Simpson to Perform Prison Puppet Shows for Inmates

LAS VEGAS - Nevada - OJ Simpson is in training for his forthcoming prison puppet show tour.

Nothing better to keep killers and robbers at bay in an overcrowded hell-hole prison than a lovely Sing Sing hand puppet show.

OJ is practising for the 3 hour daily shows he will provide when he is sentenced later on in the month for a life term in jail.

“I am very excited to have the opportunity to express my creative side with these puppet shows. The main character of the show is called Ron and the other character is called Nicole. As the shows go on I will introduce other characters to the mix.”

The All Star puppet shows will be held in the main mess hall of the Correctional Facility where there will be an impromptu stage setup for OJ to perform.

OJ is also all set to tour the varied prison populations in North America with his All Star puppet show when he will be transferred from time to time.

The next 40-50 years in prison will be all the time OJ Simpson will need to refine his show and perfect his wonderful art.

Unfortunately, you will have to be incarcerated in the US prison system to enjoy the shows and they will not be allowed outside.

So, unless you’re into getting your arse buggered in the showers for picking up the soap, it is best to steer clear of being in the audience of an OJ puppet show in jail.

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