CCTV Cameras to Spy on CCTV Cameras

LONDON - England - Central Government in Whitehall has approved a scheme to increase CCTV on CCTV spying schemes.

Orders have been released from Central Information Ministry Headquarters in Whitehall that there will be an increase of CCTV on CCTV surveillance. Sectors 34 – 457 will have a phased increase of cameras and after this scheme is completed in February there will be increases for the remainder of the sectors.

Two Year Plan

Out of the 164 million CCTV cameras in the UK mainland, the increase will effectively double the amount of cameras within a two year period.

The scheme brought in during Gordon Brown’s reign is an asset to CCTV security and will ensure that no one tampers with cameras in the future.

Last month there was unrest in Sector 34G and this was successfully quashed with full riot police. Only one camera, was damaged and this has now been replaced by four CCTV cameras. The vandals are being re-programmed at Party Education Centres in the Sector.

Public Executions

Public Prole Traffic highways will also include extra CCTV coverage so as to protect the Speeding Revenue GATSO generators.

There has been evidence that some of the prole population have attempted to tamper with Central Governments key GATSO revenue generators and these proles will be punished severely.

Two proles have pleaded guilty to the acts against our party, and will confess their crimes in Trafalgar Square on Tuesday. They will then be hanged publicly as a message to others.

If there is any further disturbance in Sector 34G, there will be increased purges to re-educate the dissenters which may also involve retirements.

Notice: B64388 INGSOCK