Gordon Brown Rewards Proles with £5 per Gallon Pledge

LONDON - England - Comrade Gordon Brown has introduced new increases of only 2p in fuel duty to reward the proles and Party officials for backing his unelected leadership.

The unelected leader and supreme comrade Gordon Brown today awarded the Prole population with an increase of only 2p duty for every gallon of petrol bought on Britain’s superhighway schemes. State tax on every pound spent on fuel is now only 89%, so this is a true gift to the people. The whole population will now be paying only £5.00 per gallon.

This wonderful news has been met with cheers from Party believers and servants to the supreme leader.

There was also news that all Prole Highway GATSO money generators would be increased in numbers to bring in even more revenue for the Party.

CCTV in many sectors will be increased and CCTV on CCTV monitoring systems have also been set up to control any possible tampering of CCTV systems.

Listening In

Comrade Brown, who was at his dacha in Wolverhamptonski, spoke of further plans to increase state sponsored eavesdropping. “My dear Comrades, our central politburo at Whitehall and local Stasi Council officials are going to increase bugging of telephones and internet monitoring schemes. Do not be alarmed, this is for your own safety. We will also give eavesdropping powers to many other agencies and companies for your benefit.”

In addition to only small increases in fuel prices, there will be a cut to rationing of chocolate in Sector 21-45, then moving on consecutively to other sectors. The generosity of our great unelected leader is much to be admired.

Notice: B64321 INGSOCK Long Live the Gordo!