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Why Burstcoin is the Answer to an Eco Friendly Cryptocurrency

LONDON - England - Burstcoin is an eco-friendly, green, safe cryptocurrency that really needs to be looked at more closely.

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Burstcoin is the future of cryptocurrency because it is ecologically green to mine, and is safe to use.

Mining Bitcoin and other graphic card utilising cryptos is killing the planet. The amount of resources used to mine these heavily electricity reliant currencies is causing an ecological disaster.

Look at the Bitcoin farms in China/ Russia/ Iceland/ America where vast amounts of electricity are used to mine these coins; where the amount of heat generated by these number crunching GPU/ASIC graphics modules have to be cooled down.

As network difficulty rises, so do the numbers of machines introduced into the mining chain, causing even more ecological damage.

The solution = Burstcoin.

Burstcoin is mined solely by hard disks which use minimal amounts of electricity and when not mining are dormant.

Burstcoin, instead of being embraced by crypto users has instead been wholly ignored but this is a danger, especially as it is the cryptocurrency that is not only ecologically efficient but run in a way that is SAFE. Yes, safety is a paramount concern in the world of cryptocurrencies, and Burstcoin is the safest most efficient coin around.

In this time of financial turmoil in the world of economics and stockmarkets, Burstcoin is a solid, green, eco-friendly, private, secure cryptocurrency.

Hell, even John McAfee says so, and who are we to disagree with him.


Prominent business publisher Forbes has been alerted to the greatness of Burstcoin.

Cryptocurrency users worldwide must see the benefits of Burstcoin.

Don’t think just about the money, but think about our planet too.

Everytime you use the other heavy electricity usage GPU/ASIC mining currencies you are effectively damaging finite resources on this planet.


Have some responsibility ecologically. Use Burstcoin, the only GREEN currency on earth to save the earth.

Mining Burstcoins is so easy as well. All you need is hard disk space to spare, and you are almost ready to go.

Who doesn’t like making money?

You can make money with a few terabytes of hard disk space in less than a few hours to set up at minimal cost to you.

Here is a video on how to get started mining Burstcoin


Burst also benefits from a lively, friendly community of people on the official forum, https://burstforum.net/.

The official Burst site at https://www.burst-coin.org/ has much information and resources for beginners, and it is still not too late to start mining. Reddit also has an excellent resource rich forum for Burstcoin here.

If you are willing to set up a good mining rig at minimal cost, you can start coining it in immediately, even with network difficulty rising slightly.

We wrote about Burstcoin awhile back and since then the price and market cap has risen quite a bit even though in any crypto, one has to deal with fluctuations.

If you are in it for the long term though, you should not be bothered by market noise.

Think about the long term sustainable green ecological nature of Burst and you will be rewarded in the end — guaranteed.

So, come on, there is no time to lose

The future of cryptocurrency lies in Burstcoin, and in a few years time this coin will be a major, secure, eco-friendly player, and the price will have risen to mark its real value.

Start planning now for your future, your Burstcoin future..

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