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Stockbroker Sees Ghost at NYSE

NEW YORK - USA - Jim Buller, 35, claimed to see an apparition at the New York Stock Exchange just after the bell went on Monday.

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A shocked Jim Buller is seated down in the NYSE cafe mumbling gibberish as concerned colleagues hand him glasses of water. His hands are so shaky that he spills most of the water before it even reaches his dry lips.

After finally being coaxed to speak, the stockbroker slowly begins to tell the assembled throng of bored stockbrokers what he saw.

“It was the ghost of my long dead father. The spectral apparition rose up through the floor and came towards me with an awful moaning sound. I saw him clear as day, no joke. When he came close there was a chill in the air and I dropped my phone on the floor.”

The stockbroker had just been on the phone with a client who wanted to “sell, sell, sell.”

No one else saw the ghost but his reaction is unmistakeably extraordinary proving that he definitely saw something out there on the NYSE floor.

The ghost that Mr Buller saw is now being used in a multi-million dollar law suit by the aggrieved client because he did not sell the stock thus losing the client large amounts of money.

This is the first time in NYSE history that a stockbroker is being sued for supernatural reasons. Top financial litigation firm Ratchet & Ratchet were today preparing a groundbreaking case to exonerate their stockbroker client by attempting to prove that ghosts really do exist.

“We have employed a parapsychologist as well as the services of a Colombian shaman, a Catholic priest dealing in exorcism and a Voodoo houngan. This is going to take some time, however, we will come to a satisfactory conclusion soon enough.”

The Daily Squib could not get the suing party to make a comment.

The case continues, so watch this space.

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  1. The apparition proved to be Jacob Marley.

    In a related story … Bob Cratchit received both a Goose and a Raise. It is still uncertain which gave him the most pleasure.

    What do you think ?

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