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Paris Hilton Out of Africa Photoshoot

PRETORIA - South Africa - Not content with her photoshoot in Rwanda a few months ago, Paris Hilton is back in Africa for another photoshoot to promote her new caring persona.

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When she’s not flashing her worn vagina to pedestrians on Sunset Boulevard or indulging in coke binges in dark LA nightclubs, Paris Hilton likes to attend photoshoots to promote her new improved image of caring.

The ex-convict airhead’s PR people have been working hard promoting their fake protege’s new persona to the already saturated celebrity pap media.

First it was a series of articles in the papers praising her ‘acting skills’ and now another photoshoot in Africa.

Paris’ PR people are ecstatic at the coverage Paris received for the South Africa photo opportunity and are already planning more fake picture sessions in other Third World countries. They, however, vehemently deny any suggestions of opportunistic exploitation of Africans for profit.

It was only in September last year when Paris Hilton was in Rwanda for another impromptu photoshoot. The Rwanda trip was a success for the Paris PR team and this South Africa trip was subsequently planned.

This time however, she was accompanied by her new boyfriend and prospective sperm donor.

Paris has been itching to have a baby ever since her coke fiend pal Nicole Richie got impregnated.

Looks like she found the right chump this time to grace her well-used and battered cavern. The poor fellow is obviously not fussy about sloppy seconds, thirds, fourths, fifths, thousands etc…

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