Barack to Michelle Obama: “I Already Ate”

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WASHINGTON D.C. – USA – Michelle Obama is having her 50th birthday party at the White House today and she has asked guests to EBYC “eat before you come”.

Sources inside the White House say that things are a little frosty there at the moment and those unlucky enough to have received an invitation to the Michelle Obama 50th party have been advised to “watch out for a beat down or two” WOBDx2.

Michelle’s husband, Barack had this to say about the party: “Bitch, I already ate. So none of that EBYC shit works on me. Ya num sayin’?”

Renfro Balthazar, 54, a prominent D.C. businessman and Obama donor was not so eager to attend: “If Barack comes away with his balls intact after that party I’d be surprised.”