Piers Morgan Off to Syria to Talk Down Brit Jihadis

LOS ANGELES - USA - Piers Morgan is packing his bags and moving to the Middle East for a new CNN show called 'Jihad Challenge'.

“Forget the celebrity bucket challenge, I’m off to Syria to do something way more worthwhile. I will talk down any Jihadis from Britain or America into renouncing their ill fated Jihad fight. If everything goes well I should be back for Christmas,” an elated Piers Morgan said from his Beverly Hills apartment on Sunday.

The Piers Morgan show will be aired in September broadcast by the CNN network called the ‘Jihad Challenge’.

Millions of American viewers who have had to deal with Morgan’s smarmy self aggrandising irritating twaddle were in a cheery mood yesterday on hearing the news.

“Let’s hope he goes to Jihad land and doesn’t come back, at least in one piece. We’ve had enough of Moron. Please let him go on the Jihad Challenge,” a CNN viewer revealed on a message board.