Immigration Amnesty: “We’re Bringing Americans Gifts”

CALIFORNIA - USA - One thing can be said about Americans, they like being given gifts, well in the case of the massive stream of illegal immigration into the United States due to Obama's immigration amnesty, the gift of virulent disease is pouring across the unchecked borders.


“We got H1N1, Ebola, Dengue fever, rabies, scabies and don’t forget highly contagious tuberculosis. Name it, we got it, but it ain’t wrapped up like a present for the American people, it’s out there, spreading around as soon as we walk across the border and are greeted by cheering Americans,” a smiling Juan Martinez, 42, originally from Honduras told Californian news agencies in San Jose.

Call it the new North American Union, or what you will, thousands are being called across the borders, invited by the Obama administration.

“We need open borders in the United States for a very good reason, it’s about the America Dream. They come here, we give them homes, food and Obamacare. You are all welcome friends. Do not forget to tell all your families and bandito chums to come too. Mi Casa Su Casa. Let’s party!” House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi said at a recent Meet and Greet event at the Texan border.

All across America Tuesday, there were parties in the streets as Americans greeted their new friends with open arms where the Immigration Amnesty has been accepted wholeheartedly.

“I live in a nice neighbourhood that I worked my whole life to move into. I am so happy that a family of thirty five illegal immigrants moved into my back yard this morning and are defecating in the pool. My little grandchild, now has scabies. God bless America,” Niles Hertz, a retired lawyer from Bakersfield, California told CBS news.