People Tolerated Savile and Harris

LEEDS - England - Great evil is allowed to continue because people who know very well what is going on allow these people to carry on doing what they are doing, say a leading panel of psychiatrists.

“In the case of Jimmy Savile, it is only too clear that this man was facilitated by elements within institutions in which he operated, namely the BBC and various NHS hospitals, charities, royal family, police. There were witnesses, and it is most certain the hierarchy knew about what he did, but as long as the veneer of celebrity and money kept pouring in, they did not lift a finger. Charities are full to the brim with these kind of people who profit off misery and evil, they use the guise of charity to hide their true selves, and earn a lot of money with their overinflated salaries handed over from the unsuspecting public. Rolf Harris, was not only facilitated and enabled by the TV executives, but by his own wife and daughter, who said nothing even though they knew all too well what was going on.

“There are most likely countless instances of celebrities from the 70s and 80s who should be in jail, but were allowed to continue their evil. It is not only the establishment that enables the evil on children to continue but the people who say nothing are just as culpable.

“Why wait until Savile was dead, and Harris is at the end of his life? This is purely a monetary decision by the establishment and money makers, they did not care what happened when these monsters were in their prime because financially it would have been a loss to the people benefiting.”

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