The EU is Testament to Failure of D-Day

NORMANDY - France - Britain may have won the battle but it lost the war and is soon to be engulfed completely by the Reich that never died.


“Those poor fools in Normandy, they died for nothing, as much of the Allies in WW2. They were sold the story that they were fighting for freedom, and yet look at us now, the same people who Britain fought are now in charge of Europe, and are now dictating Britain’s laws,” a politician in Westminster revealed one day after the D-Day anniversary celebrations.

Hitler would have been proud of the EU because they managed what he wanted to achieve covertly and without a single shot being fired.

Now the tables are turned, as we presently have less freedoms than we had in 1944. George Orwell would be truly shocked to see what has happened today, a thousand times worse than his dystopian vision of 1984.

Just as Hitler was thwarted by his suicidal attack on Russia, so too has the EU’s covert destabilising attack on Kiev with a coup brought the front forward right onto Russia’s doorstep. History repeats itself, as the bold fall hardest, could Russia once again be the stumbling block for the conquistadors?

Only time will tell.