EU: "World War II Meant Nothing Britain Still Loses"

BERLIN - Germany - Unelected EU officials have told the British PM that Britain must surrender immediately or be economically crushed.

Speaking from the Eagles Nest, Obersalzberg, German finance minister, Wolfgang Goebels said: “Your time is up schweinhund Englanders, you will submit to the right of the Reich or be crushed. You may have won the battle in WW2 but we have won the war in 2011. The economy is our weapon now and not doodlebugs. Oh, and we want our royal family back as well, so please kindly deliver the Herzogtum Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha Windsors back to their real land.”

British PM, David Cameron (Neville Chamberlain), was seen to be agreeing wholeheartedly with the EU demands and will be rewarded with a big job in Brussels when his sham premiership ends.

As far as treachery and cowardice goes, David Cameron is up there with the best of the EU technocrats. His deception and betrayel to the former British people will be a final nail in the coffin for the once great empire that ruled a quarter of the world.

There will be no more singing of ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ as EU diktats will outlaw nationalism and individualism.

“We are now all part of the one, the collective, and if you dare mention such things as being British, Scottish or English, you will be fined heavily. Silly little things like democracy never existed anyway, and the fake democracy that was in evidence for a while was not sufficient to fool all the people, therefore, we might as well show the proletariat the true face of the EU. The fasci rods that hold the unelected super state that will control and dictate every part of your lives is now in place,” Goebels said.

Britain was disarmed by Gordon Brown and his commissars during his unelected reign, not only is the military a decrepit shell of its former glory, but he made sure that all of Britain’s gold was sold off at the bottom of the market. Without Gordon Brown’s excessive wastage and spending sprees as well as castrating the army and air force, cutting spending to vital defence needs, Britain would be able to stand up to the EU. Instead, it is defenceless and pliant to the threat that is attacking it right now.