George Osborne: "We Can Tax the Dead"

LONDON - England - The Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne,has come up with a genius plan to increase revenue for the government by taxing the dead.

“It is estimated that there are over 300 million corpses in Britain today. If we taxed each and every one of those bastards, we’d be rolling in it. We could pay off our debts and then some,” Mr Osborne told the House of Commons on Friday.

All around the UK there were strange sounds emanating from grave yards.

“I think the creaking sound you hear is the dead people spinning in their graves.” Ernest Fallon, a gravedigger from Gravesend said, whilst digging the grave of some poor sod who killed himself two days ago because he could not pay his debts.

Asked how his famous Plan A is going, the Chancellor replied: “Plan A is heavy taxation for everyone and everything in the UK. We want to stifle all business; create such fear amongst the people that they do not spend the little money they have left and tax anything that moves or doesn’t move. Plan B is exactly the same.”