Nick Clegg Wants Coalition With Ukip Now

LONDON - England - The disaster at the EU elections has not been felt more so than by the Lib Dem leader, Nick Clegg.

“We have to back the winning team, and that’s Ukip. I have set up a meeting with Farage tomorrow, just as soon as I get off the toilet bowl,” Lib Dem leader, Clegg told the BBC.

The Lib Dems have seen the writing on the wall, and are now ditching the Conservatives, much as a parasite does to its host once it has sucked it dry.

Such is the fear in Westminster that many MPs from Labour and the Conservatives have been on phone lines to Brussels all night asking what they can do about Ukip.

“The feeling is that Brussels might have to step in and speed up the Euro process. The Tories and Labour are terrified that Ukip could derail plans to enter the euro currency,” Jim Shambel, political commentator for the Bystander politics magazine wrote yesterday.