Unfettered EU Immigration: Finding Some Space in Britain

SEKTOR 101 - EU - Over the green hills, the quiet hamlets, the ancient stone walls which have stood for hundreds of years, a threat is coming that will tarnish these places forever. Only the people can stop it as the traitors among us are now enacting their treasonous plot.

Britain has a very limited land mass, and its roads, hospitals, schools and welfare system are woefully inadequate when it comes to the vast influx of people from the EU and Third World.

With the massive EU immigration into Britain there will soon be no space, and it will only get worse as time goes by.

The roads and transport systems will not cope with the sheer volume of traffic, and with little money for repair, will crumble.

Not only will there not be any space, but there will not be many jobs left, and hospitals will have to close down because of low resources. Schools will have to have class sizes in excess of 70, and the welfare system will not be able to service millions of people who are unemployed.

This is the nightmare dystopian future that lies ahead for Britain, as the unfettered immigration continues without showing any signs of stopping.

It is not racist to want to stop the torrent of economic migrants from the EU, it is simply a matter of physics.

Space is a serious point to make, because after the last green field is bulldozed and builders construct high rises over the hills and babbling brooks, it will be too late.

In twenty or thirty years time, as the millions of migrants breed and breed, there will not be any wildlife left in the former UK, all of Britain’s treasured fauna and flora will have been destroyed.

You cannot change a thousand years of glorious history in one moment.

If you value your land, you know what to do.

This was not a public service announcement but an emergency appeal and a call to action.