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Ghost of Our Past: “Why Should Britain Have to Ask For Anything?”

SALFORD - England - Today a ghost from the past showed up on the BBC news, as some politician from some party apologetically asked permission from Brussels to do something or other.

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“Please, we would like to ask permission to adjust our own laws in our own country. Can we ask you to please give us permission to do so? We would also like to ask permission to maybe control our supposedly sovereign borders, if that’s okay with you?” the grovelling MP said before slinking into a corner cowering like a beaten mongrel.

And then, something rose up above the desk, it was a ghost from Britain’s glorious Empirical past. The commanding voice boomed out across the BBC studio shattering one of the monitors with its sheer power.

“You do not have to ask permission from anyone to do anything in your own bloody country. Do not ask permission again. Do you bloody well hear me?”

As of yet, no one from the BBC or anywhere else has been able to explain the ghostly intervention.

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