Westminster Parliament Now a Local Council Building EU Orders

SECTOR 4 - EU - Sector 4's old parliament has been remodelled thanks to a new EU directive which came into force last night at midnight.

The Houses of Parliament have as much power as a local council in the former England and Wales a new EU directive has ordered.

“Ve haff given ze Englishers as much power as one of zere local councils. Zey can’t do much now. Zis is how ve like it,” an unelected EU eurocrat revealed today.

Westminster parliament’s former politicians were today dismayed to hear the majority will be either laid off or given little jobs like dealing with council benefits enquiries, local bin collections and of course the obligatory council salary, well below their usual pay scale.

Former prime minister, David Cameron will now be known as Councillor Dave and his chief role will be looking after the every day running of things.

“It’s a huge weight off my shoulders. I’m kind of happy about it actually. Excuse me, I’ve got a meeting to go to about sorting out the roundabouts in the area, they’re a right mess. If only my bosses in Brussels would give us a little more funding,” Cllr Dave told the local Westminster Advertiser.