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Britain to be Officially Designated as Global Charity Port

LONDON - England - On Wednesday, PM Rishi Sunak will receive a trophy designating Britain as a global charity port for mass unfettered migration.

Adjudicators at the world’s global charity on freebies have proudly bestowed upon the country of Britain, the official award for being the first choice port of call for the globe’s poor.

“We are proud to present this award for global charity to the prime minister Rishi Sunak for opening Britain’s borders to millions of economic migrants. Britain is now a designated charity. It is the last destination for many poor people illegally trafficked, as well as criminals and terrorists who aspire to take advantage of Britain’s goodwill and gullible people.

“What other country is there with a national health service that is open to the entire globe? Pregnant women from countries like Nigeria can fly into the UK one day, receive expensive maternity care worth hundreds of thousands of pounds for free, then simply fly back to their homes afterwards without paying a penny. The same goes for any other expensive medical procedure, some costing hundreds of thousands of pounds, or millions in other countries, where anyone from abroad can fly in to Britain and receive immediate medical assistance.

“Housing is another wonderful factor in awarding Britain charity status. Recently, a family of Albanian gangsters crossed the Channel in a rubber dinghy and were all granted their own homes in places like Hampstead, London, and Notting Hill. From there they could successfully continue their racketeering and pimping businesses whilst sub-letting the properties out to British nationals for tens of thousands of pounds per week. They were also granted generous benefits by the Sunak government to siphon off back to Albania, where they built massive, gaudy mansions and purchased fleets of expensive cars for themselves and their expansive families. The British taxpayer has also generously furnished many Bulgarians with garish mansions in their hometowns, thanks to Britain’s charitable status as an easy rip-off nation.

migrants crossing english channel

“These are just some examples we cite for Britain’s charity status as a global partner in charity for all. No other country is that generous, and all to the detriment of its own indigenous population. In Britain, many people cannot even be seen by their local GP doctor, cannot receive medical care in hospitals or find a place for their children in schools. The overcrowded cities are cesspits of mayhem, and the potholed roads are narrow car parks where 20 MPH speeds are unachievable dreams.

“We are happy to see that things will get a lot better for unfettered migration in the UK with the incoming PM, Keir Starmer. He will make Sunak look like a minnow, and the mass migration into the country should increase at levels unprecedented since the Blair, Cameron, Sunak years.

“Even though these people travelled through multiple European safe countries where they could have chosen to stay, they instead chose Britain. The UK should thus be proud of its charitable status as a global partner in hospitable charity to millions and millions of economic migrants seeking to live a life of luxury on benefits with free housing, free health care and free schooling along with many other free things.”

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