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Rebuilding Ukraine: The Vital Role of the Private Sector in Ukraine’s Post-War Future

KYIV - Ukraine -As the Russians seek to destroy the strong Ukrainian people and their country, some companies are already thinking of rebuilding Ukraine.

As the world focuses on Ukraine’s future during a pivotal week that includes the Ukraine Recovery Conference, the G7 meeting, and the Ukraine Peace Summit, the importance of Ukraine’s private sector in driving the country’s recovery is becoming increasingly evident. SCM, a major Ukrainian investment company, has emphasized the practical steps necessary to ensure Ukraine’s future as a part of Europe.

Rebuilding Ukraine

This week marks a significant shift in international focus, with Ukraine preparing to begin EU accession negotiations and developing business partnerships that will be crucial when the situation stabilizes. Natalya Yemchenko, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer of SCM, highlighted the importance of business at the Ukraine Recovery Conference, noting that this is a critical development in international thinking beyond the war.

Despite the ongoing conflict, Ukraine is laying the groundwork for post-war reconstruction by fostering partnerships with foreign businesses in various sectors such as energy, logistics, communications, agriculture, and military technology. Yemchenko explained, “Now is the time to implement development projects in Ukraine, which are necessary for our country to win.” Strengthening business-to-business relationships this week has been a key precursor to long-term partnerships.


SCM’s energy business, DTEK, has signed agreements with GE Vernova, Honeywell, and Schneider Electric to support the rebuilding of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure. This follows DTEK’s partnership with Vestas, the Danish sustainable energy specialist, to develop the Tyligulska Wind Power Plant. These partnerships are crucial for providing energy security now and paving the way for deeper collaborations between Western and Ukrainian businesses.

Yemchenko emphasized SCM’s role as Ukraine’s largest investor, with extensive investments across the country, particularly in the energy sector. At the URC in Berlin, there has been significant focus on the energy sector, where SCM has invested billions in rebuilding through DTEK. This investment strategy is a two-way process, with SCM also investing in Europe, gaining valuable experience and building trust in Ukrainian business. This approach helps open foreign markets for Ukraine’s goods and services and facilitates the creation and implementation of innovative solutions that can benefit Ukraine.

Urban Revitalisation

Urban revitalisation was another key topic at the URC, with discussions on the Mariupol Reborn project. This initiative aims to revive the de-occupied city of Mariupol with SCM’s sponsorship and in partnership with the Mariupol City Council. Mayor Vadym Boichenko stressed the importance of preparing for the future, stating, “After the victory, we will have painstaking work on the reform of the country. This means developing projects and strategies now, including seeking partners and funding.”

SCM is also committed to a wide range of humanitarian projects, including providing housing for internally displaced Mariupol families and extensive support for the defenders of Mariupol and their families. Yemchenko concluded, “SCM is a business but we are nothing without people. That is why we have spent so much time and resources providing humanitarian support. Without Ukrainians, Ukraine can’t exist. I know the Russian aim is to destroy Ukrainians, but we are doing everything we can to make sure their plans fail.”

As Ukraine navigates this challenging period, the role of the private sector, international partnerships, and humanitarian efforts will be crucial in rebuilding the nation and securing a prosperous future as part of the European community.

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