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There is No Common Ground With Sunak

LONDON - England - To have a supposed leader of a country with absolutely no common ground with voters is not a recipe for success in elections.

For leaders to be effective, they have to have some relatable qualities — Rishi Sunak has none. As a prime minister, and Indian billionaire, Rishi Sunak is about as relatable to the general public as much as a giraffe relates to a Compact Disc player from the 1990s. There is absolutely no common ground with Sunak and the British people. He is simply a number crunching machine, an automaton, an autocratic robot with zero personality and zero emotions.

No common ground

Why would anyone vote for someone or something that is an unelected entity put into place by unseen forces in the first place? Rishi Sunak is a nowhere man with a nowhere agenda, and this is why the country is in such a state of utter turmoil.

There was never any ‘levelling up’ and there never will be, it was all just an elaborate ruse to placate the foolish idiots in so-called ‘red wall’ areas of the country. The recent sacking of Lee Anderson for simply telling the truth about the London Mayor being an Islamic terrorist Hamas sympathiser surely will increase the level of doubt that many already hold with the unelected PM.

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