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ECHR to Demand ISIS Bride Shamima Begum Has British Citizenship Restored

STRASBOURG - France - The ECHR will most certainly overrule British courts denying British citizenship to ISIS bride Shamima Begum.

Ms Begum travelled to Syria to join ISIS in 2015 aged 15. She had her citizenship revoked on national security grounds shortly after she was found in a Syrian refugee camp in February 2019. Today, the Court of Appeal upheld the Begum ban, but her lawyers are now talking about appealing to the Supreme Court and ECHR.

Last year, the 24-year-old lost a challenge against the decision at the Special Immigration Appeals Commission (SIAC), which said the removal of her citizenship was lawful. Her lawyers then made a further appeal to overturn that decision at the Court of Appeal, with the Home Office opposing the challenge. In a ruling this morning, three judges dismissed Ms Begum’s bid, but it’s not over yet, the ECHR will no doubt rule in her favour.

Parasite immigration lawyers have been raking in millions off the backs of British taxpayers with legal aid, and the question is if she is not a British citizen any more, why in fuck’s name is Begum receiving UK legal aid in the first place?

Shamima Begum who revealed in the past she enjoyed watching ISIS beheading videos is now costing the UK taxpayer millions of pounds in legal aid with her ongoing battle to come back to the UK.

The shameful lawyers milking the system for tonnes of money no doubt had big smiles on their faces when the Court of Appeal decision was made today. This is a great chance to eke out the court cases for many more years.

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