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Russians Preparing For Nuclear War Survival – What’s the West Doing?

MOSCOW - Russia - Whilst the Russians are preparing their populations for nuclear war survival, it seems the West is lacklustre in motivation.

Apart from countries like Finland and Switzerland who have many nuclear shelters, most Western countries are not prepared for nuclear war. In the United Kingdom, all the Cold War nuclear shelters have been abandoned and left to rot. This is in stark contrast to the Russians, who have introduced an education program on how to protect themselves in a possible nuclear war as part of the national curriculum. Nuclear war survival is the key to any nation in the modern world and the threats facing the global population.

Russian ministers and television personalities have not shied away from threatening Western nations with complete nuclear obliteration.

Nuclear War Survival

The Ministry of Education approved amendments to the educational standards of basic and secondary education (FSES). They finally set out the requirements for mastering the discipline “Fundamentals of Security and Defence of the Motherland” (BSD), which from September 1, 2024 will replace “Fundamentals of Safe Living” (FS). As part of the basic course, schoolchildren will master the elements of basic military training, the rules of first aid in combat conditions and methods of protection against weapons of mass destruction.

In addition to mastering basic military training and first aid during combat operations, schoolchildren will study at OZR a number of familiar topics from the former life safety: traffic rules and safe behaviour in transport, the basics of fire safety, procedures for action in emergency situations and in the natural environment.

Schoolchildren will also be taught the basics of constructive communication, instilled with the skills to distinguish dangerous phenomena in social interaction and ways to counter extremist and terrorist activities. One of the points assumes “developed intolerance towards manifestations of violence in social interaction” and the ability to counteract danger in the digital environment.


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