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Knockout Latest: Hasidic Jews 1 Young People 694

NEW YORK - USA - After thousands of Knockout Game attacks, some groups are fighting back from the random violence.

Hasidic Jews are fighting back in New York City after a spate of Knockout game hits on their own kind, American news stations report.

It’s out with the violin and piano lessons and in with some serious fisticuffs.

“Whoah! Did you see that momzer go down into the shmutzik what a shtunk. Now that right hook was right on the schnoz. Here, Levi, pass me the smartphone got to take some pics to send back to my Uncle Teitlebaum in Tel Aviv,” one of a group of Hasidic Jews yelled after another clean knockout.

The game usually is one sided with only one group of the population called ‘young people’ randomly knocking innocent people in the streets out, but now some other groups are fighting back. Like don’t mess with Hasidic Jews, you’ll get something back.

“There is a chance that knockout may escalate if more people fight back from the cowardly attacks committed by certain groups of young people. They got a long way to go though because the odds are stacked against them,” Ernst Drudgenick, a social commentator told Fox news.

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