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Boris Johnson Flouting Laws in Marble Arch

LONDON - England - Boris Johnson has been photographed aggressively begging and harassing shoppers in Marble Arch and Oxford Street.

The former London Mayor, Boris Johnson is flouting the laws of the land by encamping in Marble Arch, the Evening Standard has revealed.

In a blistering attack on the former Mayor of London, the Standard called on its readers and Westminster council for action.

Local shops and businesses are outraged at Johnson foraging around waste bins, harassing shop keepers and even riding his bicycle over flower beds.

Hajmah Hussein owns a leather goods shop in nearby Oxford Street and had a few words to say about the vagrant Johnson.

“His filthy bike is decorated with bin bags full of bedding. How he rides that thing is a mystery? He came in to my shop and harassed some tourists for some spare change. He is riding an old Boris bike probably stolen from a rack somewhere. He mentioned something about Barclays and what absolute tossers they were. He chases around after the young Czech tourist ladies who have to fend the bugger off with sticks.”

Westminster City Council obtained an order evicting Boris and his friends from their makeshift camp and even paid for some to return home to Islington.

But now he’s back and council chiefs say there is very little they can do about it.

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